As President and CEO of the Institute for Black Charities, Charlene Taylor brings 25 years of progressively responsible experience in management, public relations, training and fundraising to the forefront. With an exceptional track record in fundraising, senior level management and administration, and thorough experience in public relations procedures, the Institute for Black Charities is poised to make a major impact in the philanthropic world. Ms. Taylor sets as her primary goals for the organization developing and maintaining resources, thus ensuring needed programs in the community will continue, the development and implementation of long-term fundraising strategies, establishing regulations and procedures that will level the playing field for Black organizations to obtain a fair share of charitable dollars distributed and refining budget development and expenditure control procedures.

Ms. Taylor is experienced in working with personnel from diverse backgrounds, skilled in building coalitions with local, state and federal governments and adept at networking with the private business sector and the community-at-large. Ms. Taylor has the ability and energy to effectively implement and manage major programs and she is dedicated to quality work, and skilled in motivating others to achieve their highest potential. Her ability to communicate effectively coupled with an attractive personality, her self-motivation, confidence, alertness, and resourcefulness will propel the programs and initiatives of the Institute for Black Charities to make a difference in the lives of children, families and communities in need.


Established Six Affiliate chapters with 100s of
  local non-profit organizations as members.

Served as CEO of major organizations and
  corporations for over 20 years.

Established working coalitions at the federal, state
  and local government level.

Developed working agreements with communities,
  national and local non-profit consortiums.

Designed national media campaigns to address
  social issues and community needs.

Presented to audiences regarding philanthropic
  and related topics, reaching thousands of
  employees, senior-level officials, and the private
  sector throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Featured speaker and panelist at national
  conferences, workshops, and training forums.

Major organizer of public relations events, press
  conferences, trade shows, and seminars.

Served as liaison with Congressional representa-
  tives, White House staff of senior executives on
  philanthropy and related issues.

Developed model workplace campaigns for the
  public and private sector.

Developed print, radio and television materials to
  reach over federal and military employees
  throughout the United States and internationally.

Serves on national and local boards of non-profit
  organizations and corporations.

Raised over 55 million dollars for non-profits,
  community projects and international initiatives.


Direct management and administrative operations,
  marketing and fundraising.

Direct the development of boards and committees,
  and interfacing with community.

Liaison with foundations, corporations and lay
  persons, federal, state and local governments.

Develop policies and procedures for training,
  supervision and retention of staff and volunteers.

Oversight of membership recruitment, program
  development and community initiatives.

Develop alternative and collaborative funding
  initiatives for membership.

Responsible for the direction, development and
  growth of the parent organization, subsidiary
  coalitions and affiliate chapters.

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