With comprehensive and effective programs in the areas of resource development, community programs, technical assistance, training programs, referral services, crisis relief and international initiatives, IBC matches those who can help with those who need help. Together with community partnerships across the country and IBC’s six state affiliate offices and 100’s of affiliated local non-profit organizations, we produce successful outcomes to meet the needs of children, families and communities, locally, nationally and internationally. We focus on a quality support program that builds and sustain a permanent base of services for our communities.

About Us
Our Accomplishments

Institute for Black Charities serves as an agent for philanthrophy and philanthropic causes. As a repository, we collect and distribute vital resources to the poor and disenfranchised, and in turn, we provide programs that improve the quality of life for children, families and communities in need.
Our major program vehicles are:


Collective Fundraising Projects & Initiatives

IBC develops new approaches to address the lack of financial resources affecting Black organizations and communities. Approaches focus on identifying and improving access to funding sources, creating new opportunities for funding, and improving economic and community resources.

Technology Assistant

Technical Assistance

IBC provide organizations and individuals with hands-on technical assistance. This initiative addresses the many challenges faced by non-profit organizations in the delivery of their program services to the community. Technical assistance includes work in organizational development, strategic planning, board and volunteer recruitment, strategic planning, program development, training and fundraising programs.

Training Forums

Training & Workshop Forums

IBC provides and/or arranges workshop and training forums for organizations and the community-at-large in the areas of Organizational Development and Management, Strategic Planning, Communications and Financial Accountability Programs. Training workshops are designed to provide an opportunity for educational enrichment, information sharing and to advance the opportunity for development of collaborative partnerships between participants.


Marketing, Public Awareness Campaigns

IBC develops resource materials for community projects, surveys & training manuals. We develop awareness campaigns and marketing strategies to educate the public on the services available in their communities.

Our Accomplishments
  • The IBC team of professionals bring over twenty-five years of senior management and leadership experience in providing program services, fundraising campaigns, training programs, technical assistance, and support services to umbrella federations, national and local non-profit organizations.

  • IBC has worked for more than 13 years to deliver extensive training programs, technical assistance, organizational planning, implement conferences and administer fundraising programs.

  • IBC has successfully established six local umbrella federations with memberships, managed workplace campaigns, and established fundraising programs with private sector corporations.

  • IBC has successfully participated in the federal government's employee workplace campaign on behalf of member organizations, collectively raising over 12 million dollars.

  • IBC has successfully accessed state, local, county and university campaigns raising over 4 million dollars for member organizations.

  • IBC has successfully helped over 200 grassroots non-profit organizations maintain
    service capability.

  • IBC has successfully developed working relationships with officials in local, state & federal governments in over 25 states & formed partnerships with non-governmental entities in 5 foreign countries.
Who We Are

National Board of Directors
  • · Charles Blackmore, Chair

  • · Timothy Bracey, Esq., Vice Chair

  • · Charee Lile, Secretary/Treasurer

  • · Donald Chandler, Director

  • · Charlene Taylor, President and CEO  click here for bio

Local Board of Directors
  • · Local federations are governed by a board of directors   elected from the membership of the federation.

Board and Committees
  • · Advisory Board

  • · Public Relations Committee

  • · Community Outreach Committee

  • · Membership Committee


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